Posting a Job

No! It is free to create your Client account, post jobs, evaluate and communicate with applicants, and hire a Freelancer.  A fee is due only after you and the Freelancer have agreed to an hourly or project fee and are now ready to start work.

About 5 minutes.  Simply provide some basic information about your company, the budget, hours needed, and the exact skillsets you require.  Once we verify your account — usually no more than 24 business hours — we’ll post your job to our network.

Yes!  You must have an established business offering legitimate jobs.  We do not allow MLMs or 100% commission positions.  In order for us to attract the best Freelancers, we have to provide great work opportunities. 

Of course!  We offer phone assistance to help you set up your profile and post your jobs.

Absolutely!  Post as many as you want.  You only pay the fee if you hire a Freelancer who satisfactorily completes work for you.

We offer add-on services to help Clients with challenging assignments. It’s a little extra money, but this will ensure we identify and present the best possible matches for your job.  We can even go outside of our network if we have to.

As many as you’d like.  There is no limit.

We want to make this quick and easy for you! Just email your request to [email protected] and a representative will get back to you to discuss. 

Yes, but not on FreelanceVets.  Contact us and we’ll have a representative get back to you to discuss your needs.   

Absolutely!  We take your privacy seriously.  We never share your name, email, phone, or mailing address with Freelancers.  If you are interested in a potential Freelancer, you can provide your contact information if you’d like, but that’s entirely your choice.

Pricing & Payments

Credit card (2.9% processing fee), ACH (no fee), or wire transfer ($25 fee).

Simply estimate the number of hours your Freelancer will work each week.  We’ll then collect that money from you before work begins and deposit it into a secure amount.  At the end of week, we’ll release it to the Freelancer after you have approved the work.

The fee is 10% of the hourly or project rate paid to the Freelancer. For example, if your Freelancer’s Pay Rate is $20/hour, you will be billed $22/hour.  You can also purchase an add-on service if you’d like additional support from dedicated recruiters. 

Hiring Your Freelancer

No.  FreelanceVets is an exclusive network for highly skilled Veterans and Military Spouses.  We verify every applicant to ensure their Military service.   

Our Freelancers are professionals you can trust.  They live by a code of honor which provides comfort to our clients. They are mission-focused at getting your projects done on time and on budget.

We know how difficult it is to accurately evaluate a job applicant who is going to work remotely for your company without getting a chance to meet him or her in person. That’s why we present our Freelancers with brief Video Intros so you can quickly get a good read on their personality, enthusiasm, confidence, and communication skills.  Our Video Intro increase the likelihood that you will hire the best possible Freelancer for your project.

Never!  Our Freelancers are native English-speaking citizens so you know that you’ll be able to communicate easily and they’ll understand your instructions. 

All over!  Even though most live in America, we have experts in numerous countries and Military installations.

The vast majority work remotely from their home office or a co-working space.

Absolutely!  We encourage you to either speak with or video conference with applicants before making a hiring decision.  Just click the “Request Interview/Call” button on the Freelancer’s profile.

Working With Your Freelancer

Just let us know as soon as you sense that it’s not a good fit. You are only responsible for the work the Freelancer has completed. 

Please beware at all times that your relationship must abide by Independent Contractor requirements.  If you prefer to hire the Freelancer as a part or full-time employee, contact us and we will help you make the transition.  

You.  Our terms specify that completed project work is the property of the Client, not FreelanceVets or the Freelancer. 

No.  This is against our rules and cause for immediate dismissal from our network.  We work on the honor system here and request that you do not work out separate arrangement with your Freelancer for the sole purpose of avoiding our fee.

Converting Your Freelancer to an Employee

Yes.  We charge 10% of the first year salary, minus any fee you’ve already service paid to FreelanceVets.  Contact [email protected] for assistance.