Creating Your Account

This is an exclusive Network for Active Duty soldiers, Veterans, and Military Spouses.  You are required to provide documentation so we can verify your Military status.  

Yes, you can still create your Profile.  You will be able to apply for positions as soon as we can verify your status with us.

No! It is free to create your Freelancer profile, apply to projects, and interview with hiring managers.  

About 5 minutes.  Simply provide some basic information about your skillsets, the type of projects you want to work on, your Military background, and upload a headshot.   There’s even an opportunity to upload a brief Video Intro.  Once we verify your account — usually no more than 24 business hours — we’ll post your Profile to our network.

Client must have an established business offering legitimate jobs.  We do not allow MLMs or 100% commission positions.  In order for us to attract the best Freelancers, we have to do a good job at only providing great work opportunities. 

Our exclusive network helps you stand out from the millions of other Freelancers who compete with you for projects.  Your Military status gives you a huge edge and our clients admire that.  Plus, unlike other sites, there’s no fee to sign up or risk on your end!

We strongly recommend it.  It’s important that you let potential Clients see you — same as if you were interviewing in person.  Plus, your Profile will look incomplete without a photo.

This is your secret weapon — your chance to let your personality, enthusiasm, confidence, and communication skills shine.  It’s super easy to record and takes just 30 seconds.  Research proves that Freelancers who provide Video Intro land more jobs and earn more money.

Yes!  That’s the beauty of freelance work.  Your location doesn’t matter as long as you have a computer,  internet connection, and get your work done correctly.

Absolutely!  We take your privacy seriously.  We never share your full name, email, phone, or mailing address with clients.  If a potential client is interested in you, you can provide your contact information if you’d like, but that’s entirely your choice.

We have a thorough evaluation process to make sure every Client we invite into the Network is legitimate.  We do not allow any MLMs or 100% commission positions.  If you are concerned about a potential scam, please notify us immediately at [email protected]

Pricing & Payments

Your fee is only 10% of any money you earn on FreelanceVets.  No monthly fees, no set-up fees, and no other obligations.  For example, if your Pay Rate is $20/hour, you will receive $18/hour.  

You and your Client will estimate the number of hours your will work each week.  We’ll then collect that money from your Client before you start working and deposit it into a secure bank account.  At the end of week, we’ll release it to you after the Client has approved your work.

No!  We do that for you.  The Milestone Payment protects you and ensures you will be paid for the work you complete satisfactorily.

Applying to Jobs

Absolutely!  We encourage you to either speak with or video conference with clients before accepting a project.  

Working With Your Client

Just let us know as soon as you sense that it’s not a good fit. You will be paid for the hours you performed satisfactory work.  

Please remember that at all times your relationship must abide by Independent Contractor requirements.  If you and your Client prefer you  work as a part or full-time employee, and we will help you make the transition.  

Our terms specify that all work created by a FreelanceVets expert is the property of the Client, not FreelanceVets or the Freelancer.  

No!  This is against our rules and cause for immediate dismissal from our network.  We work on the honor system here and request that you do not work out a separate arrangement with our Client for the sole purpose of avoiding our fee.

If freelance work is not for you, we recommend you join the Veteran Talent Network at our partner company, 7 Eagle Group.  They specialize in helping Clients fill W2 positions with talented Military Veterans.

Converting to an Employee Relationship

Yes.  If you both would prefer that relationship, that is fine with us.  Just please notify us at FreelanceVets so we can make the arrangements for you.