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By Dani Schwartz  – April 29, 2020 has recently launched a flexible work platform that will make finding freelance work for Veterans and Military Spouses easier.

Veterans and Military Spouses know finding work can be hard. FreelanceVets doesn’t want it to be. They want to help the people who have stood strong for us, be able to care for their families by finding them flexible freelance work from home when they need it. This is why they created Freelance Vets.

This new flexible work force is needed more then ever right now in our changing landscape of every day life. Our Veterans and Military Spouses need our support. FreelanceVets is dedicated to finding them the work they need.

FreelanceVets believes this will launch something really powerful that is going to change a lot of people’s lives for the better. There are already 1,000 Veterans and Military Spouses signed up and ready to work.

About Freelance Vets is the first freelance job platform to specifically cater to the Veteran and Military Spouse community. We offer access to freelance jobs worldwide to this very much under-employed niche of the workforce. For more information on Freelance Vets visit

Freelance job platform to help military vets

May 17, 2020 has launched an exclusive job platform that will connect U.S. veterans and military spouses eager to work from home – either by choice or out of necessity – with employers who need projects done by highly skilled, dedicated and trustworthy professionals.

FreelanceVets attracts professionals in the military community who desire new or additional income. Military members can range from those who recently lost their jobs, already-established freelancers, military spouses who live on bases (either stateside or overseas) and unsure where they’ll be stationed next, to veterans suffering from service-related disabilities. FreelanceVets’s job-matching services are designed to meet the vast differences within the military community. It provides flexibility to the people who deserve it most.

To create a free profile, freelancers and businesses can visit Once military documentation is verified, freelancers can apply to positions in every conceivable industry – from cyber security to engineering, graphic design and more.

Military Spouse & Veteran Freelancing

By Jaime Chapman, CEO –
April 29, 2020

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FreelanceVets & 7 Eagle Group

By Jon Beck, CEO
May 2, 2020

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Jordie Kern from FreelanceVets and 7 Eagle Group joins us to share best practices for finding a job, and in particular veterans looking for work in the era of COVID-19. 

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FreelanceVets launches mission to help Military Veterans and Spouses connect with companies eager to hire talented work-from-home professionals

May 6, 2020

Nation’s first freelance job platform exclusive to the Military offers opportunities in numerous industries including technology, healthcare, sales, project management and customer service. has announced an exclusive worldwide job platform that will connect U.S. Veterans and Military Spouses eager to work from home — either by choice or necessity — with employers that need their projects done by highly skilled, dedicated, and trustworthy professionals.

FreelanceVets attracts Veterans and Military Spouses who want to be their own boss and enjoy the flexibility the freelance lifestyle provides. Its focus is unemployed workers in the Military community who have recently lost their jobs and need to earn income during their search, older Veterans who have been shut out from traditional W2 opportunities, Military Spouses who live on bases overseas or unsure where they’ll be stationed next, and Veterans suffering from service-related disabilities. Everyone’s situation is different and FreelanceVets provides flexibility to the people who need it most.

To create a free profile, visit Once Military documentation is verified, the Freelancer can apply to positions in every conceivable industry — from cyber security, to engineering, to graphic design. It’s also free for hiring companies to post unlimited jobs as long as there’s guaranteed compensation to the freelancer, either paid by the hour or on a project basis.

Hiring managers then evaluate 30-second Video Introductions of prospective Freelancers to identify the best match for their position. FreelanceVets charges the freelancer and the company a small administrative fee for successfully completed projects.

“We are ecstatic to be able to offer the brave men and women who have put it all on the line for our country an opportunity to earn money from home in a flexible freelance environment,” says Jay Sheehan, U.S. Army Veteran and President of FreelanceVets. “Veterans are ideal remote workers — they’re multi-skilled professionals who live by a code of honor, they’ve been trained by world-class leaders to accomplish their goals no matter what it takes, and they can work independently with little supervision.”

And that’s great news for the 12 million+ companies today that already rely on freelance talent in a tight job market — from small mom and pops to Fortune 500 firms like General Electric, Boeing, and Hilton Hotels. A talented, trustworthy, and loyal Veteran or Military Spouse provides hiring managers with confidence and peace of mind that their important projects will get done well.

“It’s not only a smart business decision to hire a Veteran, but it’s a patriotic act too,” said Sheehan. “They deserve our support!”

According to Forbes Magazine, the gig economy is exploding with 57 million freelancers representing 35% of all professionals. If that pace continues, the majority of all U.S. workers will be freelancers by 2027. Add Covid-19 to the equation, which has forced so many people to work remotely, and it’s likely we’ll get there a lot sooner than anticipated.

On average freelancers earn more per hour than 70% of all types of U.S. professionals. The current median rate for skilled freelancers is $28 an hour—and skilled services — like programmers, business consultants, and lawyers — are paid even more.
FreelanceVets also plans to provide Veterans and Military Spouses with free online training to help improve their skillsets, career guidance, and opportunities to obtain affordable health insurance that their W2 counterparts enjoy.