Purpose & Mission

Our Purpose

FreelanceVets empowers Veteran’s and their Spouses around the globe to gain the flexibility to live the lives they want by enabling them to foster their own freelance businesses.

We support and enable independent professionals to find meaningful work, business people to provide for their families while still fulfilling care-taking responsibilities, and Military Spouses to support their families despite frequent moves.

We help independent professionals who wouldn’t be able to earn an income if restricted to a traditional 9 to 5 on-site job.

Our Mission:

As a freelance jobs website, our mission is to deliver exceptional talent to businesses while fostering meaningful and successful careers, one Veteran or Military Spouse at a time.

FreelanceVets will provide work-from-home opportunities to a Global clientele and provide superior, timely, and affordable skilled talent that companies today require. 

FreelanceVets bases that process on a technology model that will allow us to instantly match qualified freelancers to open jobs instantly.

We are grateful to be able to help people have the options they need to live better lives.

Work is meaning. In addition to providing income, work gives purpose and keeps people engaged in society and thriving.

It’s therefore important not just to individuals but to the proper functioning of communities and economies as well.