Exciting News from FreelanceVets

We are excited to build the nation’s largest freelance network exclusive to Veterans & Military Spouses.


Today over 5 million companies, just like yours, are hiring more than 12 million work-at-home professionals, in almost every industry imaginable.


From IT experts, social media directors, sales reps or administrators…you name it, and there are numerous companies relying on freelance talent — instead of traditional W2 employees — to get their projects done.


In fact, the New York Times predicts that in just seven years, 50% of our workforce will be working from home. There’s no doubt that more and more companies are realizing the enormous savings and productivity increases from using freelance talent.


We feel the timing is perfect to launch FreelanceVets, an online platform that makes it incredibly easy for talented Veterans & Military Spouses to connect with companies who demand excellence, trust, and dedication.


As you know, the military produces a superior worker who employers are eager to hire.


Our goal:  Phase 1 is to amass an exclusive network of 1,000 Freelancers by May 15, 2021, so you have a wide variety of talent to access when you need it.  We are already a third of the way there!


We realize this is an ambitious goal, but it’s necessary for us to be successful.

Please help us achieve this goal by posting your jobs for FREE on FreelanceVets.  It takes just minutes to sign-up and post as many jobs with us as you’d like.


FreelanceVets provides a competitive advantage by offering the top 6% of our nation’s eligible workforce. All of our Freelancers are native English speaking professionals, many have advanced degrees, speak multiple languages, and all have a work ethic that is second to none. This is what sets FreelanceVets apart from our competitors.


So do the most patriotic act you can do for your Country and your company and hire great talent from FreelanceVets.   Once you do, you’ll experience the difference in quality of work performed by a highly skilled Veteran or Military Spouse who will become dedicated to the mission of your company.


Thank you for supporting our efforts in helping this valuable sector of the workforce, our American Veterans and Military Spouses.1