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Attention all Veterans & Military Spouses

Our Mission:  Build the country’s largest freelance network exclusive to Veterans & Military Spouses
We need your help!  
Please join us today as a Founding Member of FreelanceVets by completing your free profile and help us achieve this mission. 
Today, over 5 million companies hire more than 12 million work-from-home professionals in practically every industry you can imagine.
From IT experts, to social media directors, to sales reps and administrators…you name it, and there are numerous companies relying on freelance talent — instead of traditional W2 employees — to get their projects done.
Companies turn to freelancers primarily to save money.  
Freelancers love the ability to work from home because they desire the flexible lifestyle, prefer to work when and where they want, and enjoy being at home with their families.
The New York Times predicts that in just seven years, 50% of our workforce will be working from home. 
There’s no doubt that more and more professions are launching careers from home.
We feel the timing is perfect to launch FreelanceVets, an online platform that makes it super easy for talented Veterans and Military Spouses to connect with companies who demand excellence, trust, and dedication.
As you know, the military produces a superior worker who employers are eager to hire. 
Our goal for Phase 1 is to encourage 1,000 Veterans and Military Spouses to create free profiles by May 15, 2021.  We’re already a half way there!
Please help us get it done by signing up now and telling all your buddies about FreelanceVets on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  
It takes just minutes and it’s free to create a profile.  And as a Founding Member, you can help us build FreelanceVets into a valuable service for the community.
We realize this is an ambitious goal, but it’s necessary for us to be successful.
Quickly amassing a network of 1,000 Freelancers arms us with the leverage to convince the big companies already hiring hundreds of freelances every day — like Boeing, Hilton Hotel, AirBNB, UnitedHealth Group, Microsoft, and Google — to give FreelanceVets a shot.
Thank you for your support and assistance in making FreelanceVets a success for you and the Military community.