Brief Overview

Services & Fees

If you are hired to perform a Service, a 10% fee of the total service price is charged. This is charged when the service is ordered by way of a deduction from the payment you receive.

  • Fixed price projects is 10% of what you are paid, or $5.00 USD, whichever is greater.
  • Hourly projects is 10% of what you are paid.

Relationship Understanding

In the Military, we live by a “Code of Honor.”  That being said, we ask that you treat FreelanceVets with the same honor and respect that we will treat you with. In other words, we expect that you will not work in any way to circumvent the relationship directly in order to avoid the relationship/processing fees from FreelanceVets.  We reserve the right to remove clients and Freelancers from our Network who violate our trust for the sole purpose of avoiding fees. We thank you for your attention and agreement to this.

Milestone Payments

The Milestone Payments is the recommended mode of how you will get paid. Milestone Payments are agreed upon by “Client” and “Freelancer” before work begins. Once “Client” creates a Milestone Payment, the funds for it will be securely held to assure payment to the “Freelancer” upon completion. Milestone Payments will only be released when “Client” is 100% satisfied with the work.

Transaction Fees

You can choose how you would like to receive your funds from FreelanceVets:

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